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Beyond the Build: Cindy Dunson, Senior Project Manager

When everyone is working together to turn something around, it's a great feeling to have accomplished something as a collective.

Given the current COVID-19 crisis many people are working from home, including yourself, how has the transition affected your work life? Prior to the quarantine, my house was fairly quiet with just my husband, our 14 year old son and two dogs living together. Now, our other son has come home from college and our daughter, who lives in New Hampshire, has come to stay with us along with her dog. We have a lot more activity in the house and at times it is challenging to get things done. I usually start my day before the rest of the family and come downstairs at around 7am. It’s very relaxing to get a head start on the day in peace and much more relaxing than our old morning routine of rushing out the door to take my son to school and then commuting to work. Where did you go to college? Right out of high school I attended Western Washington University for two years and then took time off from college. That was when I met my husband and we started our family. In 2007 I started my career in construction. My friend was a project engineer on a construction job in Washington and they had an administrative assistant position open on the project - it was a Great Wolf Lodge. After that project was over, I moved on to be a project coordinator. At that point I was raising three children but still decided to attend Pierce College at night after work. Within two years I earned an Associate’s Degree in Construction Management. What do you think has stayed the same about you throughout all of the changes in your life? I think my sense of humor has stayed the same my whole life. That’s pretty much a constant for me. Some things that have changed - I don’t take things as seriously anymore. I spend more time loving people than criticizing anybody. I don’t judge as quickly as I did when I was younger and I don’t take things as personally as I would have a long time ago. What motivates you? What motivates me is a challenge. A super challenging project makes the outcome that much more rewarding. When everyone is working together to turn something around, it’s a great feeling to have accomplished something as a collective. What are your hobbies? During the summer I’ll be on the beach whenever I can because we live about a mile from the New Jersey shore. I’ll ride my bike down there after work or walk the dogs. My family likes to go on bike rides and camping. We enjoy the outdoors. We also watch a lot of movies in our house. My Favorite movie is Pride and Prejudice with Keira Knightley. I can watch it over and over again and still find something new about it or some little nuance.

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