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Spotlight On: Micah Shaw, Senior Project Manager, Southeast Division

Everyone has the mindset of being a team player not just being a team member, but proactively adding value and supporting each other.

When did you become interested in construction? My father was a mechanical engineer so my interest in building things originated from him. I studied Architecture in college and worked for a few years on the design side after graduating but found that being in the field was more enjoyable. As an architect, your involvement is limited to solely the design and I wanted to be a part of the project growth, see it evolve from an idea to a fully developed building. How did you find your way to PREMIER? I’m originally from Baton Rouge, LA, but moved to Dallas, TX where I met my lovely wife, Danielle. I moved to Dallas nearly 20 years ago, and that is where our four children grew up. This past year our youngest daughter left for college and the reality of being an empty nester hit! It was tough being in our all-too-quiet house so we decided to move somewhere fun. What’s more fun than Florida? I had my job lined up at PREMIER before officially relocating last August. What do you do outside of the office? Well, being married with four children, my life has been all about my kids. Now that they’ve moved out, Danielle and I enjoy walking along the beach after work with our French bulldog, KUSH. We also just bought a boat from a friend of ours so I’ve been working on fixing it up in my spare time. Where is somewhere you would like to travel to? I have always wanted to go to Australia and New Zealand. But anywhere a jacket is required, we would NOT be excited to go. We love beaches, scuba diving, and just basking in the sun. What are the greatest successes in your life? Oh, my wife and children, definitely. They bring out the best in me. They’re a reward for working hard! What advice would you give to a younger version of yourself? Find more time with your kids; find every second you can with them. One day they’ll be gone from your everyday life. Time is delicate; work hard to provide for your family but don’t let it take away that time you have with them. That’s what I’d tell younger me, but I wouldn’t have listened. I was too stubborn. About PREMIER Design + Build Group PREMIER Design + Build Group, LLC provides a full range of design + construction services for industrial, commercial, medical, multifamily and adaptive reuse projects. From office build-outs to large-scale industrial facilities, every PREMIER project benefits from the company’s strong client focus and concept-to-completion success strategy.

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