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Big Steps Forward on Project Work Led by PREMIER’s Midwest Team

Updated: May 19, 2023

The building boom has kept PREMIER Design + Build Group’s Midwest team busy during the first few months of the new year. Key highlights in our industrial work portfolio during Q1 2022 span a range of locations:

Here in Chicago, PREMIER is hard at work on a delivery station project in West Humboldt Park. The vapor barrier has been laid, and concrete floors have been poured, cleaned, and sealed. New rooftop units were delivered and set via helicopter this month. We’re on track to deliver this 140,000-square-foot facility for the world’s largest e-commerce provider in 2023.

In Ohio, we’re deep into Phase II of a three-year project that will add 5.7 million square feet of new space in the Columbus industrial market. Rickenbacker Logistics Park is a joint venture led by CT Realty and Walton Street Capital. This eight-building development on a 382-acre site is ideally located, sitting within one half-mile of an intermodal rail yard and the region’s main air cargo facility.

Down in Florida, our Midwest team is putting the final touches on a build-to-suit facility. The new 208,000-square-foot hexagonal building will serve double duty as both a distribution center and prefabrication facility for its owner.

We’ve also made big progress on our new corporate headquarters in Buffalo Grove. Our new home is slated for completion this summer and will feature abundant daylighting, outdoor workspaces overlooking a lake, and a full indoor basketball court. Stay tuned for more project news and follow us on social media onLinkedIn,Facebook,Instagram, andTwitter.