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We’ve Gone Vertical at 101 Main Street!

June 04, 2024 (South Amboy, New Jersey) - Situated along the shoreline of the Raritan River, the 101 Main Street development, a former landfill site, presents unique challenges and demands. After breaking ground in August 2023, the project’s schedule has been challenged by the unpredictable New Jersey weather delaying the project by 3 months. Our team worked diligently to prioritize the logistics of panel fabrication and delivery as well as contractor schedules to get back on track. 

Additionally, PREMIER has implemented a multifaceted approach to address the project's needs including various retaining wall solutions, ground improvements, and timber pile supports. 

Among these solutions, the block retaining wall serves both geotechnical and aesthetic purposes along Main Street, while the CIP wall plays a critical structural role, supporting the southwest corner of the building and serving as the building's footing. Additionally, the sheet pile wall is specifically designed to withstand erosion and potential damage from tides and storms.

Another distinctive feature of this project is the relocation of an existing active culvert from the building pad area without interrupting the flow of water. To address the challenging soil conditions, the team developed a timber pile-supported cast-in-place culvert which allowed them to meet the schedule requirements.

For an exclusive glimpse into the project's progress, we invite you to view the video below, showcasing the dedication and hard work of our field team!